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Translucent Aviator – Blue Cut – Eye wear – Acetate – Optics


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The traditional aviator frame now in Translucent form, like this eyewear  ,its time for your style quotient to be evolved as well. This transparent optics frame is best in quality and durability , the frame is made of acetate body , which lasts long and sits comfortably on your nose and ears, no nagging feeling of the old grizzled uneven frames as it stays the same for longest period of time. The lens is made with the most up to date technology, the blue cut lens provides protection against the harmful rays of mobile screens, laptop screens and television screens and all sorts of reflective rays.
Translucent frames is the evolution in the line of eyewear , and we are the only ones providing a large range of translucent eyewear in Pakistan. we have sunglasses , optics and even attachments in acetate translucent / transparent bodies. Shapes ranging from Aviators to rounds, oval to rectangles , squares to hexagon and much more. Our design combination with acetate metal frames is prime example of our vision to innovate the industry and take this accessory known as chashmay to new heights , aiding us in the venture is the technology of the 21st century and the trends of 2020 , on which we keep a close eye on , so we always stay ahead in completing your look.
The prices we offer at chashmay is par to none, our aim is to offer best of quality at minimal of prices , and our quality easily outweighs the prices of our products, from sunglasses to optics , from attachments to flips, we have it all, we don’t just seek to bring the best of what is available in the available in the market , but also to evolve and innovate the product for  betterment of the consumer, the industry it self and community as a whole.

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